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Our Programs

Borderline Youth Camp

Borderline Youth Camp is our stand-out program each year. A week long experience for young people aged 15-18 to challenge themselves, step into the unknown, prepare for life after teenagehood & get on top of their mental health. 

This week is nothing like you've seen before. From Celebrity guests, music, life changing speakers, entertaining activities & a lotttt of food. Oh, and we keep this program completely FREE for young people to attend, you just have to apply and get ready to jump into the start of the rest of your life! 


The Weekend: By Borderline

A weekend long experience like NOTHING you have done before! Are you aged 13-15? Well this is the event for you! 

Special guests, thrilling activities, life changing moments, free food, new mates and a huge focus on YOU and who you are becoming! 

Don't be scared by the *youth camp vibes*... this is a care-free & relatable event that will have you not wanting to leave! 



We are ALWAYS on the hunt for volunteers to help with our fundraisers, events & all things Borderline! This is a great way for you to give back to your community, meet new mates & do something bloody good that makes you feel all warm & fuzzy on the inside!

Dominos New Farm

Camp Bordies

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Borderline Bordie? Then what are you waiting for? A Bordie is what we call our volunteer leaders that run our camps. This is such an important role as YOU will be the people in charge of changing lives in so many ways. You have a huge role to play in planning the camp and executing all the ideas, then when it's camp time you are front and centre helping teenagers live their best lives in the best week of their lives!!!

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