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Bordies take on Schoolies

Borderline Australia today has announced a new program for our past camp attendees (Boarders). The 'Bordie Back-Up' is a week long initiative at the Gold Coast Schoolies event where our volunteers (Bordies) will be rostered on each evening to be available for any of the teenagers from our past camps to call or text for assistance if they need in any situation.

"We were all teenagers once and most of us went to schoolies! So we know what it's like to be in a scenario where we just need a good friend there we can trust to help us" said Borderline Founder Cody Schaeffer.

2021 Bordies

"This also gives parents the peace of mind that their teenagers have access to responsible & supportive adults to give assistance when needed - all with a push of a button on their phones" he then said.

The Bordie Back-Up roster will consist of a minimum of 1 male & 1 female Bordie who will work together on any call-outs each night with more volunteers added depending on how busy the program is.

The program will run each night from 6pm-6am but the phone will be monitored during the day for emergencies and all past camp attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this service.

Before Schoolies commences, past camp attendees (Boarders) will be encouraged to register their interest via an online form which will be sent out. They will then receive a mobile number to save to their phones & phone wallpaper template they can use during the week. (pictured)

Borderline will be working closely with the Queensland Ambulance Service, on-site paramedics & other organisations assisting during the week of schoolies.

For any parents wanting more information please contact us via email:


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