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What is BYC?

No it isn't the latest Tik Tok trend... Borderline Youth Camp is a week long personal development and leadership program aimed at developing the interpersonal and professional skills of young adults.

The term Borderline stands for the fact we are open to young people attending from either side of the Borderline. Goondiwindi to Tweed Heads, Gold Coast to Moree and everywhere in between. 


A common comment at the end of every Borderline Youth Camp is "that was the best week of my life!" The skills and lessons learnt, the people met, the atmosphere and the fun all contribute to make this a great stepping stone to living your masterpiece.


During the program, participants will explore & develop: 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Communicating & listen skills

  • Public speaking skills

  • Personality types

  • Group dynamics

  • Relationships in all areas of life (work, personal)

  • Stress management skills

  • Short/long term goal setting

  • Characteristics of effective leaders

  • Various styles of leadership


Young people, from diverse backgrounds aged between 15 & 18. Although BYC touches on many topics including mental health, our camp isn't only for at-risk teenagers. We don't categorise young people into groups, we are open to anyone in that age bracket. 


If you are a young person and wanting to attend; speak to your school, work place or community group to see if they will sponsor you!

But if you are super busy with school and maintaining a social life then APPLY and we can help you out finding a sponsor! 

Are you a School, Community Group or Business and would like to sponsor an awardee this year? Email us for more info!

You can contact us in regards to invoicing, payment & any other details regarding BYC.

Please contact us if you have any questions!


June 24-30, Cherrabah Resort, Elbow Valley, QLD

September 16-22, Cherrabah Resort, Elbow Valley, QLD

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Why are we different?

Firstly we are DESTROYING the stigma that 'youth camps' have in Australia. It's often said that youth camps are either 'religious' or 'corny' two things that Borderline Youth Camp are not. 

We are one of the only youth camps in Australia that aren't associated to any particular association, we are simply a stand alone camp with only one agenda and that's making the lives of young people SO MUCH BETTER!

Half of our team either attended or were leaders on camps with Rotary, Church, School or other community organisations. 

These camps are incredible and do great work in helping young people, but what we found was there was an agenda on joining these organisations or groups rather than the main focus being on the mental wellbeing of teenagers in attendance. 

That, mixed with a main focus on JUST leadership & teamwork skills didn't target the huge societal problem of young people struggling with their mental health more than ever. 

We thought; suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia, not the lack of leadership skills they have. 

The gap in assisting young people this way is huge and one that we were not prepared to sit back and get ignored. 

After our years volunteering on these camps planned by Rotary, Church, School or other organisations we found that change wasn't going to happen, it wasn't wanted in these current camps and they weren't prepared to shift forward with the times and shape the program around youth mental health. 

So thats why Borderline Youth Camp was created! The change that young people were screaming for, the experience that isn't clinical or boring, the relatable, fun & exciting voice they needed. 

Lets chat Youth Mental Health...

You may notice that we said 'youth mental health' like 50,000 times above, that's because everything we do is for young people to better themselves & their mental health - it's that simple.

We work closely with our very own experienced Psychologist when planning our camp to ensure the best experience for everyone. 

We will add our program is strategically planned to assist with a range of topics that effect young people today. We are a network of school teachers, youth workers, social workers, community leaders from all over Australia who have experienced or dealt with first hand the effects youth mental health struggles have on young people.   

We offer a range of resources for everyone on our camp to assist with their mental health and are constantly meeting with Organisations, Government, Youth Services, Psychologists & many professionals  to ensure we have the best week for these teenagers and the best life moving forward. 


Promoting BYC to Teenagers

Young people struggling with their mental health is sadly such a common thing in Australia these days that we don't need to parade around with huge banners saying 'YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH CAMP' because...

1: That scares away our target audience (teenagers)


2: We are not about labelling people or categorising them into levels of their mental strength. 


Back to point 1.

We open our camp to everyone aged 15-18 no matter who you are, where you're from or if you're struggling with your mental health or not. There is no denying that some young people need this more than others, we just aren't in the position or want to be in the position to determine that.


Like we said before young people struggling with their mental health these days is SO common that we know anyone who attends our camp will benefit mentally from it. 

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