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Our Story

Founded in 2019, Borderline is a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to community work in Queensland but the team behind Borderline have been doing it for years!

Our founder Cody Schaeffer started Borderline because he saw a lack of FREE projects & programs dedicated to empowering young people in a relatable way, mental health education & smashing the stigma involved with talking about youth mental health for teenagers and society. 

Through education & programs like our ICONIC Borderline Youth Camp we aim to help teenagers all over Australia find themselves and the fantastic future ahead!

Borderline currently have 38 incredible volunteers working all year round on programs that push boundaries, start conversations and completely changes lives! 

Our journey has only just begun, but already we have made such an impact on young people and we will continue doing this.... it's our promise. 

Our Mission

Borderline has only one agenda; to change the way we see Youth Mental Health in Australia. We create incredible experiences to better teenagers mental health & educate others on how to assist someone struggling.


Awareness is amazing but action is even better.

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